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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - All Stable Locations

May. 18,2023
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With the towns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom pretty far apart, Stables have popped up all around Hyrule to bridge the long journey between two villages in Hyrule. While you’re definitely able to attend to your horses here, boarding and borrowing them as needed, you’ll also have a handful of other things to do at Stables, like cooking, shopping, and chatting.

Dotted throughout the world and full of helpful services, we’ve detailed the exact locations of all Tears of the Kingdom Stables in our guide below, complete with coordinates, nearby landmarks, available Side Adventures, and more.

Just like they did in Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom's stables are central locations as you travel around Hyrule that act as central hubs for travelers from all around the region. In Tears of the Kingdom, you'll stumble onto 18 stables in total, with the majority of them functioning as complete, full-service inns.

You'll know you're approaching a stable during your explorations when you see a plume of smoke rising into the sky. As you draw even closer, you'll see the unmistakable giant horse head shape atop the stable itself for further guidance to its precise location.

At these stables, you're able to use cooking pots to whip up a few meals to bring on your adventures and potentially even learning new recipes from the bulletin board or visitors to the stable.

In addition, you can rest in one of two types of beds to pass time (possibly waking up with a boost), speak to other travelers to gain valuable information about nearby quests or shrines in the area, board horses so that they're available to you throughout Hyrule, and more.

It's also where you'll reliably find Beedle, a staple character for all your buying and selling needs throughout the Zelda series. The only thing he has more of than bug facts is general merchandise, like arrows and elixir-specific bugs, but he'll also buy your loot off of you to ensure you've got enough Rupees to fund your adventure.

Since stables don't act as fast-travel points on your map by themselves, there will almost always be a shrine nearby that serves this purpose instead, within Paragliding range. This makes them a great way to quickly traverse the region, and stop quickly for anything you may need on your way to whatever comes next.

Most of the stable locations in Tears of the Kingdom lead you to full-fledged stables that typically offer a full range of the services mentioned above, but there are three stables that are notedly smaller and are, accordingly, regarded as mini-stables.

link speaking to pirou the stablehand at gerudo valley pass mini stable in tears of the kingdom all stable locations
These can be found labeled as mini-stables in Gerudo Valley Pass and Lookout Landing, while Hateno Pasture acts as one as well. At these locations, you won't have access to the full range of amenities usually offered at stables in Tears of the Kingdom, but you'll be able to board and withdraw horses in these centrally-located mini-stables nonetheless.

Potential Princess Sightings Quest
White-winged reporter for the Lucky Clover Gazette, Penn, is on the hunt for rumors about folks all around Hyrule who claim to have seen Zelda since her disappearance in the Depths, and he tasks you with helping him get to the bottom of the rumors.

Once you've triggered the primary quest for this at the Lucky Clover Gazette over in Hebra, you'll then begin to find Penn at every Stable in Hyrule, where he'll likely be speaking to a local about what they may know about Zelda's sporadic appearances. At each Stable, you'll be able to complete a short quest to get to the bottom of what the folks of Hyrule may know about your missing Princess, so talk to Penn each time you see him to trigger and later finish this quest.
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Where To Find Every Stable In Tears Of The Kingdom
a sunset shot of the woodland stable in tears of the kingdom all stable locations
Below, we've pinned down the exact locations of each Stable in Tears of the Kingdom, complete with its immediate coordinates.

The list of Stable locations below is organized alphabetically. Additionally, we'll continue to add helpful links to the table as we keep working on guiding the entirety of Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: All Stables And Where To Find Them

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