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The latest DLC "Galaxy Model" Steam page online May 9 release

Apr. 27,2023
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The latest DLC "Galaxy Model" is now available on the Steam store page. The DLC content is expected to be officially released on May 9, if any players are interested in this part of the content can learn more about the specific information.

DLC introduction:

The Galactic Council has a large number of people and different personalities! Add Galactic Paragons to your empire and experience a whole new level of characters and stories, as they are the great leaders who have risen to the top of power and will follow your lead in exploring the stars. With the exclusive addition of a new Council mechanic, leaders who can shape themselves to reinforce the empire's vision, a new national philosophy, and much more, Galactic Paragons will shape the future in ways the galaxy has never seen before.

DLC Features:

New Council Mechanics

Assign leaders to key positions and set the agenda to steer the empire in the direction you want it to go. In Galactic Paragons, you'll find many different council roles based on your national philosophy and government type, and you can unlock additional positions as your empire grows!

New Dynamic Leaders

Recruit, improve and follow your leaders through the ages! You can choose the leader's traits and sophistication categories to shape the leader and guide them to embrace their destiny until the leader abdicates... or dies! or die!

Meet galactic heroes

Attract well-known role models to your council: These unique leaders with exclusive artwork, events, and stories may join your empire for the benefit of your government. Or, you can explore four legendary paragons with complex chains of events and unique mechanics!

New Traditions, National Ideas, and Other Content

A new "King's Landing" origin tells the story of the leader who built your empire

Eight new leadership-focused national philosophies, including a digital archive to pass on the personal traits of past leaders to future generations and a corporate charter to completely optimize the council selection process

12 new categories of sophistication

Hundreds of new leadership traits

Two new Tradition Trees, providing players with new ordinances and improved leaders

New ships, art and story content

DLC screenshots:
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