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Net rumors "Marvel Spider-Man 2" story spoilers Eddie or playable role

Apr. 27,2023
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Marvel Spider-Man 2" recently had part of the story plot was leaked, this leak contains a major storyline and ending information in the game, but this information is not certain to be true, there is also news suspected that the game players can play Eddie's identity to play, the specific information a look!

According to online information, Peter infected the symbiote early on, giving him access to the classic symbiote battlesuit and using the resulting new powers to defeat his former police ally turned vigilante killer Yuri Watanabe. And Norman Osborn begins to worry about Spider-Man's new powers, and hires Clavin to capture him. After several battles, Peter eventually got rid of the symbiote, which then infected the original "Venom" Eddie Brock in the comics.

Eddie Brock will become a playable character in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, similar to Mary Jane in the first generation of Marvel's Spider-Man. After Eddie Brock became Venom, he teamed up with Kraven to take revenge on Peter, but eventually Venom killed Kraven and kidnapped Mary Jane, forcing Peter and Miles to go to the rescue. In the meantime, Norman Osborn turned Harry into the Green Monster, so the story turned into a big melee between the two Spider-Men, the Green Monster and Venom.

In the end, the two Spider-Men defeated the Green Monster and Venom, and convinced them to go after Norman Osborn, who used more advanced Green Monster equipment to kill Harry and forced Venom to leave Eddie Brock. And the game will end with Mary Jane accepting Peter's marriage proposal.

In addition, this rumor also mentions that Mystique, Sand Man, Electric King, and Trap Man will all be villainous characters in the game, while Dr. Octopus is only mentioned in the audio files. Finally, although players can play Eddie Brock in the game, but this does not mean that players can operate Venom.
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